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    "We’d been searching for a cavapoo puppy for several months before we came across Julia and the team at Pet Me Please. They’ve provided us with lots of guidance and support from day 1. We’re very happy with, and thankful for our precious new family addition! To us, ensuring our puppy comes from a responsible breeder and not a farm / puppy mill was key. We’d researched and interacted with (I’m quite sure) all pet shops and local breeders but there was none of which we felt 100% comfortable with. We’re so glad that we finally came across the dedicated Pet Me Please team. They provided us with (1) Regular photos and video updates of our puppy with their parents (2) Comprehensive health report of parents & our puppy, and (3) answered all of our million questions patiently. Big thank you to the Pet Me Please team and our puppy’s breeder in Australia for all the love & care throughout the early stages of her life and for sending her safely to us!!"
    Jane L.
    "I can tell they put a lot of efforts finding the right breeders and the puppies are all amazing. They are properly fed with good foods and spent enough time with mom, so you can tell these puppies are brought with so much loves. Also they understand each puppies temperament and personality, they listen carefully from a person who is trying to adopt them and they give you right advice and hold your hands to go through this journey. I am so glad I found them in Singapore, so I could find my life companion."
    Jihee K.
    "We visited many other pet shops and only felt comfortable with Pet Me Please because we believed they are serious about ethical breeding and the wellbeing of the dogs. We bought a cavapoo from the shop. I don't think any other shop provides as much details to a customer as they do before a purchase- we got DNA health records of my pups parents, puppy temperament testing, and weekly videos and photo updates from the breeder. Every aspect of their service is industry leading. I highly recommend the shop if u want puppies that are bred ethically, health checked and well socialised."
    Eva T.
    "We were looking for ethically responsible breeder and pet shop in Singapore.. We almost gave up until we knew about Pet Me Please. The shop is so cleaned and puppies weren’t in cages, they had lots of space to move around in the shop. We can’t be more happy to find not 1 but 2 double doodles pups at the same time. Yujia and Debbie were treating the dogs like their own and the breeder they chose is reputable ethically known in Europe. 👍🏼 A BIG Thank you Yujia and Debbie for all their time and effort for dealing with us, their generosity for helping us with our needs during our move and all. We will come visit you guys with Oskar and Mozart! Thank you again!"
    Monica J.