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  • Our breeders are carefully evaluated and selected via our 10-step Breeder Selection Process
  • Never from a puppy mill!
  • Ongoing support on puppy education and dog care

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Pomeranian and Goldendoodle puppies looking for their new homes!

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Spaghetti with Grilled Mackerel


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Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce


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Grilled Salmon Fillet with Salad


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Chicken Nuggets with Potato


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Grilled Mackerel Steak


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Grilled and Fried Chicken


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"Very welcoming atmosphere! And absolutely lovely pet shop owner who has 4 dogs herself! She really cares for the puppies like her own and is not selling for profit, but to help bring joy to the homes of others - she curates to make sure that the puppies would only be sold to families that would shower them with the love they deserve. She has a huge heart for the puppies and only wishes the best for them - making sure they are ethically bred, and ensuring they are fed nutritiously. She also provides guidance especially for first time pet owners, on things like what are the range of healthy treats available, how to maintain their fur well. Highly recommend!"
- Angeline T.
"Pet Me Please is first and only pet shop we have found in Singapore that specially curates their puppies for the families and ensures that the puppies do not come from puppy mills and puppy farms. The amount of effort the owners put in to ensure that breeders do stringent DNA health checks on their breeding dogs is really impressive! Their dogs are so well-socialized and have such good and loving temperaments, and we can see that the quality of the puppies they offer is extremely high. Thanks to their efforts, Singaporeans can finally find a great source for well-bred puppies without supporting unethical puppy mills."
- Beryl H.
"We were looking for ethically responsible breeder and pet shop in Singapore.. We almost gave up until we knew about Pet Me Please. The shop is so cleaned and puppies weren’t in cages, they had lots of space to move around in the shop. We can’t be more happy to find not 1 but 2 double doodles pups at the same time. Yujia and Debbie were treating the dogs like their own and the breeder they chose is reputable ethically known in Europe. 👍🏼 A BIG Thank you Yujia and Debbie for all their time and effort for dealing with us, their generosity for helping us with our needs during our move and all. We will come visit you guys with Oskar and Mozart! Thank you again!"
- Monica J.
"We bought our first puppy from a local puppy farm and within a year it had developed so many genetic diseases, like inherited hip dysplasia and kidney issues. After seeing our puppy suffer through many surgeries, we looked everywhere for a reliable source for ethical dog breeders for many years.
Importing the dogs ourselves was risky because we have never visited the overseas breeders and the paperwork was difficult to do. When we found Pet Me Please, it was like a dream come true because their breeders breed to a much more excellent standard than anything we have ever found ourselves. We are so grateful for all the help and support that Pet Me Please has offered to us so far - they have accommodated all our requests for photo/video updates, and answered all our questions patiently. Definitely the #1 place in Singapore to find your puppy!"
- Jake H.