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Why Our Puppies?

Ethical Breeding with Heart

At Pet Me Please SG, we select breeders who exemplify compassion and care, ensuring every puppy is raised in a loving environment. Our rigorous process is driven by our commitment to the welfare of each animal.

Beyond Profit, Born of Compassion

We stand firmly against puppy mills. Our puppies come from places where love, not profit, is the priority. This ensures they are not only healthy but also nurtured with affection and respect.

Comprehensive Health Commitment

Every puppy and their parents undergo extensive health screenings to ensure they start life strong. This level of care secures a foundation of health and happiness for every new family addition.

Purposeful Socialization

We ensure that each puppy experiences thorough early socialization in nurturing, supportive settings, fostering their development into sociable, adaptable, and well-rounded family members ready for any home environment.

Community Connection (#PMPFAM)

We’re more than a pet store; we're a community. Our bond is built on mutual love for animals, enriched by support and shared experiences that bring us all closer.

Continued Support with Compassion

When you choose a pet from us, you join our family. We offer ongoing advice and personalized support, ensuring your pet’s journey with you is joyful and enriched.


"We recently welcomed our adorable female Cavapoo, Gnocchi, into our family from Petmeplease, and we couldn't be more delighted with the experience! From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with warmth and expertise by the staff. They were incredibly knowledgeable about all their furry residents and assisted us in finding the perfect match for our family. The store collaborates with ethical breeders in Australia and Germany and provides DNA results of the pup's parents as well. We were impressed by the cleanliness and organization of the store, making it effortless to navigate and locate everything we needed to welcome Gnocchi into her new home. What truly distinguishes this pet store is the genuine care and dedication they demonstrate toward their animals. They kept us updated on Gnocchi while she was in Australia, which was always a delight to see, in addition to ensuring she was pee and potty trained. We wholeheartedly recommend this pet store to anyone seeking to add a furry friend to their family. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or a first-time pet parent like us, you'll find everything you need and more at this pawsitively amazing store!"

Dina Castelino

"We had a great experience getting a mini australian shepherd from PMP. From the start when we went for the initial visit of earlier batches of aussies, it was love at first sight with this amazing breed! Throughout the process, staff at PMP were really patient for the multiple questions that we had and shared many insightful details to prepare us for our dog. On top of that, they shared multiple information guide and we even had a profiling of our puppy before purchase. Prior to collecting our puppy, we could meet her multiple times before the actual collection day and this really helped with familiazing her for collection day. Overall we had a great experience and are really thankful for the PMP team! They truly know and care for the doggos!"

Wong Wee Ming

"We recently brought home our adorable male Pomeranian puppy Pokupan from Pet Me Please and we couldn't be happier with our experience! From the moment we stepped into the store, we were greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff members were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, guiding us through the process of choosing the perfect furry addition to our family. Pokupan is not only healthy and well-groomed but also has a wonderful temperament, which is a testament to the care and attention he received at Pet Me Please. The store itself is impeccably clean and well-maintained, providing a comfortable environment for both pets and customers. We appreciate the personalized service we received, as the staff took the time to answer all of our questions and ensure that we were well-prepared to welcome Poku Pan into our home. The aftercare support has also been exceptional, with Pet Me Please providing valuable advice and resources for Poku Pan's continued health and happiness. Overall, we highly recommend Pet Me Please Pet to anyone looking to add a furry friend to their family. Thank you for helping us find our perfect match!"

Alvin Song

"Pet me please is indeed the best place to buy yourself a pet from. I have had dogs my whole life and I can say one thing proudly after getting my puppy from them that they’re ethical breeders. Their puppies are of good quality and they’re a place you can trust blindly. Their puppies are well trained -( partially potty trained ) and very well socialised with children. Getting our puppy from them has been the best decision we ever made. My daughter has her best friend in our puppy. I am forever grateful to Debbie and her incredible team for giving us the love of our life."

Sushant Naik

"I got a cavapoo pup (Kiki) from PMP and she's been home with me for about a month now. Debbie and Julia have been extremely patient, understanding and professional throughout the whole process to answer my questions and concerns (before and after getting Kiki), guiding me on how to integrate a pup with my current two dogs at home. As dog owners with multiple dogs themselves, they gave very helpful advice. Kiki is happy and healthy, and settling well with the pack. As one of my dogs is rather senior, he is not too fond of overly excited puppies, Debbie and team worked together with their breeders to help me find a pup with a calm, sweet-natured temperament who will be suitable for the household. Kiki has brought much joy and injected some youthful energy to the family, playing happily with my other dog who's been longing for a playmate, while also giving the senior dog his space when he wants to be left alone. The PMP team genuinely cares for the dogs and finding them suitable homes. Thank you Debbie and Julia, for helping me to find Kiki, she is such a gem!"

Karin Ink

"It's been 2 months since we brought home our Coton de Tulear puppy from Petmeplease. Our puppy is so well socialized,lovable and most importantly he is not from puppy mill which is a crucial factor for us. Yujia and Debbie were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about their work. Their expertise and genuine love for animals were evident. I must say that we are beyond impressed with the exceptional services they provide. What impressed us the most was the ongoing support and resources that Petmeplease offered even after the purchase. I highly recommend Petmeplease to anyone looking to bring a new furry friend into their home. Thank you, Petmeplease, for making my puppy buying experience a memorable one!"

Nancy Hu

"5 years after my previous pup passed, I finally found myself ready to welcome another set of paws. Very glad that I decided to go with PMP. There’s just so much you can leave to chance and the premium for their puppies is more than worth it - the assurance that the pup has been loved since birth, is ethically bred, in great health, and has been treated right (with folks being intentional about desensitising and starting on potty training etc) goes a long way, and it shows! Bringing a puppy into one’s life is a huge commitment and it will never be a breeze - but I can safely say that mine was as easy as it could get. 10/10 do not regret reaching out to PMP, and would definitely consider them first if I were to get another pup. "

Magdalene Chan

"It has been almost a month since we brought our Cavapoo Nala home! She is our second dog and she has been settling in so well with the family ☺️ I would like to thank PMP for introducing us to such a well behaved little pup! I am so surprised with how quickly she has adapted to our home and our existing older dog! Ethical breeding is an issue that is really close to my heart and one that I have taken the time to do extensive research on. After our first meet up with PMP, they fully addressed all my concerns! It turns out that they were also passionate about ethical breeding practices and making sure that the parents are cleared of common illnesses. Nala was also well socialised and could read cues really well! She is actually the first the only dog so far that my first dog is comfortable to play with. Thank you PMP for sending such a darling our way. And keep up the awesome work"

Shermaine Tan

"I got an Orange Sable Pomeranian from Pet Me Please recently. Was originally searching for a Maltipoo or Cavapoo across different pet shops but ended up getting a Pomeranian through PMP’s recommendation. I find PMP’s way of handling is different from other pet shops. Julia and Debbie spent time to speak to me to understand our family’s lifestyle, the personalities of my girls and observed their interaction with other dogs before they recommended me a Pom. I was hesitant initially as my impression of Pomeranians is that they bark a lot. However, Julia and Debbie assured me that their Poms from Germany are well-behaved. After some consideration, I went ahead to reserve one. It’s been a week since we brought Coco home and we are really glad to have her. I’ve had other dogs before and was surprised how easy it was to transition Coco into the family. She was really well behaved, easy to train and is such a sweet and adorable dog. It is really a joy to have her. Really grateful to Julia and Debbie to have introduced Coco to us. For anyone who is considering getting ethically-bred dogs, I would strongly recommend you to Pet Me Please."

Eileen Toong

"Very transparent all the way from the introduction process to the pick up process of the puppy. The parents photo were also included when we were choosing the puppy. There’s update of the puppy once we have selected them. PMP also loves dogs and provides very good information for owners that may be panicky from puppy not eating and such. There was a very comprehensive handover process for the puppy as well. there’s really a lot of things to get for a puppy and happy to have the support of PMP on these! My puppy Stella is such a sweet baby. She’s adapting well at home now, eating and exercising with everything that’s best for her. Recommend to get your puppy here if you would like to get a pure breed puppy that transparent and ethical. Hit them up to find out more information"

Sebastian Lim

"We ve been looking for a dog since some time and early last year we found PETMEPLEASE and had a very good first meeting with Julia, whoch shared with us in great detail, what to look for as a first time dog owner and relevant to our situation. In January we had a follow up meeting and looked at some Cavapoodle and felt in love! After evaluating we decided to go for our puppy Rocky which we got last Sunday. It is very important to us that Rocky is not coming from a puppy mill and Julia and the team is very selective with which breeder they are working, for the best interest for the dog and the new owner. As we are first time dog owners the service from the whole team is outstanding from sharing wiith us before we got the dog until today where during the first days having Rocky home, there are always questions and we got always an answer right away. Thank you PETMEPLEASE for been able to get such a lovely Rocky! "

Martin Bach

"After a long search for an ethical breeder, we were so grateful to come across Pet Me Please for our first ever family puppy. PMP was very thorough with explaining their process and authenticity. They are the real deal. We have now had our puppy for about 2.5 weeks and are in awe of how quickly our little 3.5 month old puppy has adjusted. Even our trainer has commented that he’s clearly received training before arrival and thus is basically house broken and very well behaved. We have the PMP team to thank for that! We are in love with our puppy and appreciate PMP holding our hand from beginning to end. We also appreciate their following up to make sure we have everything we need to take care of him as well as just their genuine interest to hear about how he’s been. Thank you so much Pet Me Please!!"

Pooja Johari

"Of all the places we visited, only Pet Me Please could give us the confidence that we would receive an ethically-bred pedigree puppy. Also, only Pet Me Please took a keen interest in matching breed and puppy to owner. We appreciated how hands-on, responsive, measured and accommodating Debbie and Julia are both before and after the sale, the detailed discussions on care needs, and the honesty in sharing what kind of dog would not work for us. We are glad and lucky to have received a good-natured and well-socialised puppy who has brought joy to our family for more than 3 months and counting. We would not hesitate to recommend Pet Me Please to anyone by emphasizing that the choice of pet store is the number 1 priority"

Aaron Ng

"Not sure where to start this review. There is so much to say, but maybe PET ME PLEASE is the best choice in Singapore. We did our homework before getting our Cavapoo. There is no better family than PET ME PLEASE. It is not only the parent's health genetic testing, insurance that the dog is NOT from a puppy mill or the super care he got while he was in the quarantine. It is fantastic service all the way. Video calls from the airport update the puppy's life before and after the arrival in Singapore. And the detailed care booklet. Our Denis came already 80% house trained. And very well behaved. PET ME PLEASE handpicks breeders that care. We would also like to mention the AFTER care service. PET ME PLEASE offers excellent recommendations for vets, groomers, trainers, food and items that the puppy needs. We had an issue with food: Julia and Deb replied with great help within minutes. I was looking for puppy classes: Julia and Deb replied within minutes. I wanted a special Christmas delivery for our children: Julia and Deb arranged it. Actually they made the impossible possible. There are not enough stars to give PET ME PLEASE!"

Zofia Reynard

"Thank you Julia and Deb for such an amazing experience at Pet Me Please (PMP)! The passion and love you have shown for these puppies will be like no other. You've proved to us how love and ethical breeding can have such a large impact on puppies, and how important it is for their upbringing. Thank you for imparting all your knowledge and skills to ensure that first time owners like myself know what we are getting into, and how to care for our puppy. The amount of effort put in by both of you to ensure that we are well prepared is unmatched. The staff at PMP are the most dedicated, genuine and loving bunch ever, and both lionel and I are forever grateful! Thank you for all the love you have poured into each and every puppy that has graced through your store, and thank you for bringing kumi into our lives. We wouldn't trade her for anything in the world."

Venetia Wong

Our 10-Point Breeder Selection Process

Are you interested to understand more about how we identify which breeders to work with for our puppies? Click on the link below for some insights into our selection process!

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Debbie and the team were incredible throughout when we bought our divine Cavapoo through them. They went out of their way to help us through the process, answering all our many questions with care and patience! We couldn’t be more happy! ❤️ 🌟


Amazing experience with my first Pomeranian with Pet Me Please. Great support - from viewing and selecting a Pom to advice on managing them. The Poms from PMP are very well socialized, trained, intelligent and loving and I found it really easy to integrate them into my home and life, which is now enriched 🙂 Thank you PMP!

Jolene Ng

We recently got our Cavapoo puppy from PetMePlease. Fantastic staff and great service. As a first time dog owner, we had lot of questions about choosing a puppy and settling him in a new environment. PetMePlease staff are very helpful and patient in answering to questions and making the new Pawrents at ease. Thank you PerMePlease .

Bharathi Sathurappan

We were looking for ethically responsible breeder and pet shop in Singapore.. We almost gave up until we knew about Pet Me Please. The shop is so cleaned and puppies weren’t in cages, they had lots of space to move around in the shop. We can’t be more happy to find not 1 but 2 double doodles pups at the same time. Yujia and Debbie were treating the dogs like their own and the breeder they chose is reputable ethically known in Europe. 👍🏼 A BIG Thank you Yujia and Debbie for all their time and effort for dealing with us, their generosity for helping us with our needs during our move and all. We will come visit you guys with Oskar and Mozart! Thank you again!

Monica J.

We’d been searching for a cavapoo puppy for several months before we came across Julia and the team at Pet Me Please. They’ve provided us with lots of guidance and support from day 1. We’re very happy with, and thankful for our precious new family addition! To us, ensuring our puppy comes from a responsible breeder and not a farm / puppy mill was key. We’d researched and interacted with (I’m quite sure) all pet shops and local breeders but there was none of which we felt 100% comfortable with. We’re so glad that we finally came across the dedicated Pet Me Please team. They provided us with (1) Regular photos and video updates of our puppy with their parents (2) Comprehensive health report of parents & our puppy, and (3) answered all of our million questions patiently. Big thank you to the Pet Me Please team and our puppy’s breeder in Australia for all the love & care throughout the early stages of her life and for sending her safely to us!!

Jane L.

I can tell they put a lot of efforts finding the right breeders and the puppies are all amazing. They are properly fed with good foods and spent enough time with mom, so you can tell these puppies are brought with so much loves. Also they understand each puppies temperament and personality, they listen carefully from a person who is trying to adopt them and they give you right advice and hold your hands to go through this journey. I am so glad I found them in Singapore, so I could find my life companion.

Jihee K.

We visited many other pet shops and only felt comfortable with Pet Me Please because we believed they are serious about ethical breeding and the wellbeing of the dogs. We bought a cavapoo from the shop. I don't think any other shop provides as much details to a customer as they do before a purchase- we got DNA health records of my pups parents, puppy temperament testing, and weekly videos and photo updates from the breeder. Every aspect of their service is industry leading. I highly recommend the shop if u want puppies that are bred ethically, health checked and well socialised.

Eva T.


509 Balestier Road, Singapore 329848
(Opposite Zhongshan Mall)

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We take great care in choosing the right breeders to ensure the health and happiness of our puppies. To learn more about our selection process, read our detailed blog post. Click here to find out more.

We carefully select breeds ideal for first-time pet families, including favorites like Pomeranians, Cavapoos, Goldendoodles, and Coton de Tulears. 🐶💖

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