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Khim Rong Ho
Khim Rong Ho
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We stumbled upon PMP (Pet Me Please) while searching for a reputable pet shop to get our first puppy, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have found them.

In all honesty, we didn't fully appreciate how exceptional they were until we read more reviews after we had already purchased our puppy from them.

From the moment we walked in, we knew that Julia and Debbie were different. They took the time to sit down with us and engage in a lighthearted conversation about dog ownership. This personalised approach made the experience feel less transactional and more like seeking advice from a trusted friend. In contrast, other shops simply showed us the pets and left us to our own clueless devices.

At PMP, we were treated to a one-hour conversation covering everything from how to properly carry a puppy to the amount of time needed to commit to owning one. Remarkably, this thoughtful guidance was provided before we even expressed our intention to buy a puppy from them. In fact, we highly recommend stopping by and having a chat with them, especially if you are unsure about dog ownership.

We were thoroughly impressed by the extensive resources provided by PMP. Their guide books, personalised personality reports, and care sheets are truly exceptional. Although we could have accessed similar information online, having it all organised in one place and tailored specifically to our puppy was invaluable. We were blown away by the level of detail and found the materials easy to follow and incredibly helpful. Fantastic, especially for first time pawrents!

PMP's exceptional customer service really shone through when our puppy became lethargic and started vomiting on the second day. It was probably due to a lack of sleep and eating his kibbles too quickly, but as first-time pawrents, we were super worried and quickly turned to PMP for help. Rather than dismiss our concerns and advise us to see a vet, they went above and beyond by arranging delivery of a care package specifically tailored to help our puppy recover.

We are forever grateful for their kindness and empathy, and it's clear that PMP is more than just a business - they truly care about their customers, especially first-time pet owners.

We can't recommend PMP enough. If you're looking for a place that delivers happiness in the form of a warm puppy, then PMP is the place for you. Don't take our word for it, go in and chat with them. You'll see for yourself why they are simply the best.

Thanks Julia, Debbie and Yujia! We are forever grateful!
Elaine Phua
Elaine Phua
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Since we found Pet Me Please (PMP) through great Google reviews, we thought we should add a glowing review of our own!

We really agree with the philosophy of PMP – they are not a “pet shop” as in they don’t keep puppies in stock, rather they are a business linking us up with reputable breeders in other countries to bring in well-bred puppies in all sense of the word. Not ill-treated in a puppy mill and arriving with temperament problems, but well-adjusted, secure and happy pups who have been screened for genetic disorders.

From the minute we stepped in (make an appointment first!) we were already impressed by how different it felt. No cages or even furniture, just plenty of open floor space for the pups to run around and interact with their visitors (i.e. us, the humans).

We were absolutely smitten with the big, goofy labradoodle pup we met, but alas he was already taken. See that’s the thing, they don’t fly the pups over to Singapore until they have an owner who has committed to them. So they don’t languish in a cage for months at a time, which is really wonderful.

PMP were extremely responsive and gave a lot of guidance and suggestions in selecting the right breed for us, and they let us know about their upcoming litters and which pups were available. But they never did a “hard sell”, they gave us time to decide. Once we did select our pup, the breeder gave us wonderful updates every 1-2 weeks on the pup’s progress in training. We could see cute videos of him romping around in Germany, soooo cute! (We almost wanted to fly to Germany to visit him, we just couldn’t wait!)

Well, pup finally arrived as a Christmas present to us (23 Dec 2022). He came already trained to use grass! Well yes, there were a few accidents, but after we spent more concerted effort to bring him out at regular times (he is a super affectionate pup so gets FOMO and wants to stay near his humans), he got the idea and now regularly does his business outside.

Anyway, toilet training is quite a straightforward process, what is not so easy to train for is temperament. Our puppy is extremely sweet, affectionate and tolerant. He listens when we gently encourage him not to bark when our neighbour’s dog is barking, or when there are construction sounds, or strangers passing by in front of our gate. The breeder and trainer quite evidently did a lot of work training him in basic obedience and exposing him to human sounds and activities! He doesn’t startle at all at construction noises, the vacuum or hair dryer. When we go for a walk and he sees a new dog approaching, he will sit politely and greet them. He is super good-natured around our kids too.

Overall, we had a really great experience with PMP and highly recommend them! Having said that, a puppy is a huge multi-year life commitment, and it does take a lot of time and energy to get a puppy used to your specific household routines, we kinda under-estimated that. It has been tiring but extremely rewarding and joyful to have Murano join our household!!
Vanessa Ho
Vanessa Ho
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We can’t recommend Pet Me Please enough… It has been two months since we got Lottie (a mini goldendoodle) and we got everything we were promised and more. My last two dogs were adopted back in Hong Kong but after extensive research we realised it is a little more difficult to adopt in Singapore - we don’t have a lot of choices and the organizations won’t be able to give us sufficient information to make an informed decision.

After much deliberation, we started doing a lot of research to make sure that we can find an ethical shop (100% guarantee that it is not from a puppy mill and the parents and puppies are treated well). We met with a lot of loving shop owners, but Pet Me Please really impressed us. They are not pushy at all (in fact they also screen owners) and really try to make sure that you can find a suitable pet and breed.

Throughout the process, they provided us with pictures and videos of Lottie and her siblings. Julia and Debbie are super passionate and work super hard to provide us with a lot of information on how to prepare for Lottie's arrival. You can really tell how much they care about the puppies, there is so much love and during the 3 days they were at the shop until you can bring them home. You can see how attached they get with them because they are so well treated. They also get groomed and do a thorough check-up before they are sent home which is unlike any other shop. They also connect us with the siblings and their owners and we’ve been able to message them at any time with questions. They also don’t over-stretch themselves just to get as many puppies over as possible so as to ensure that the transition to a new environment for the puppies isn’t jeopardized. We actually still go over and visit them once in a while as well! Lottie gets super excited and misses them a lot!

There is a bit of a premium you need to pay but it really is worth it. They provide you with a lot of information to get you ready (the Puppy Pack is super useful!) and the support we get after is tremendous. Not sure if we are biased but we’ve actually noticed the difference between puppies from Pet Me Please and other stores in terms of behaviour and social skills. Lottie and her siblings arrived pretty much 80% potty trained and understood very basic commands. Most importantly, we get information, pictures and videos of Lottie’s parents as well who are healthy and happy. They limit the number of times their mothers give birth and their DNA test results also give us a lot of comfort. We also felt super lucky because the horror stories we heard about the first 2 weeks of bringing a puppy home did not happen and it was very manageable. We continue to keep in touch with Julia and Debbie to give them updates of Lottie and her play dates with her siblings.

We think Pet Me Please has created a strong community as well, and we have been pleasantly surprised to meet other puppies and owners from Pet Me Please. Everyone raves on about how great Julia, Debbie and the rest of her team are and how great the quality of the dogs are – because it is true. We feel very lucky to come across Pet Me Please so that we don’t have to wonder about where the puppies came from and whether their parents are well treated.

We absolutely love Lottie and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives, thank you so much for bringing her to us!
Coral Cie
Coral Cie
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Hello, this is Queenie the Cavoodle! Paws up! I've been enjoying my time at my new mama's home for a little over a week and I think it's time to write a thank you note to my caregivers, Julia, Debbie and the sweet girls at Pet Me Please!

Pet Me Please succeeded in changing my skeptical mama's perception of the pet industry in Singapore. From the first communication, my mama was blown by the sincerity, responsiveness and total transparency. Mama personally came down to Pet Me Please to find out more about the business model and the background of doggies that the ladies bring in. The place was spotless clean! Mama said a few puppies came to greet mama and she was amazed how well behaved they were! Pet Me Please wanted to know what kind of home I would be brought to (how many family members, any kids/seniors etc). Mama wanted a cute Cavoodle like myself and was shown DNA reports of my biological papa and mama, and baby photos of my brothers, sisters and me in Australia! I was just a little burnt bread dough baby back then~

You have to understand that my mama is a total control freak. She has done a lot of research ranging from ethical breeding and pet stores, trusty veterinarians, what age to desex dogs, best types of kibbles and homecooked food and treats, how to pick a puppy, puppy crating just to name a few examples. The ladies at Pet Me Please outdid themselves because they could go in depth with every subject discussed! Mama was in happy tears that she found like minded people who truly care for the welfare of dogs. Julia, Debbie and the ladies are true dog lovers and advocates of ethical dog breeding! Best pet shop in Singapore, paws down!

Y'all might think price is a little higher than most but trust us, it's worth it- the attention to detail and prompt communication earned 100% trust from mama. Pet Me Please arranged for a trusty vet (incidentally, she's my mama's favorite vet in Singapore) to examine me when I touched down on Sunny Island. They showered me and groomed me to purfection and trimmed my nails before I met mama. The wonderful temporary mamas took care of me for 3 days to make sure I was loving the new weather before mama brought me home. The fantastic ladies even did various photoshoots and videos of pretty ol' me. Whenever my mama asked for updates, they would go out of the way to feed my mama's stalker behavior- they even provided my flight number and my mama stalked my 8hr 50min flight periodically on the day I came... Mama, you need to relax. Pet Me Please even helped my mama apply for dog license and transferred the license to her! Various documents and puppy training information were given! Briefing on caring for little old me was done. There was a lovely puppy pack full of good goodies! Everything was seamless, PURFECT! FUN!

My mama and I believe in supporting ethical breeders who care about their babies' lives and the families they go to. She's happy to have met these ladies who are building up an advocative culture that pets could be ethically raised and purchased. We are EXTREMELY proud to be members of #PMPfam!

At the end of the day, pawrents just want their fur babies to be healthy, which is why mama obsessed about DNA and health reports. I'm also well behaved, calm and sociable and I love to be showered~ There's really so much to say!

Queenie and Tracy
Linda Kwek
Linda Kwek
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It’s 2 weeks post Gotcha Day we brought baby Hennessy home! Is time for a great review about Pet Me Please (PMP)! B4 we decided to go with PMP, we did quite an intense research, analysis & comparison! So to find 1 that fit our criteria is not easy & PMP definitely hit the nail! It all got started from a message & chat with PMP on Fri 6 Jan to understand more about them & of cos their bear bear Cavapoo! At that point of time we haven decided which breed to go with, in fact looking more at a Maltipoo. But it all changed after Julia invited us to view 1 of their staff almost fully grown Australia Breed Cavapoo (from PMP of cos). So off we go to PMP on 7 Jan! The shop is amazing, the environment is so clean & nice! They also make sure we wash our hands 1st before interacting with the dogs (there were 2 very well behaved Pom & of cos the Cavapoo), thumb upx2 to keep everyone and 🐶 safe! 👍🏻👍🏻 These small little things are impt! There, we met Julia & Debbie, both of them are amazing, they are able to share in depth knowledge on dogs topics. They try to understand my family lifestyle, listen to my crazy long talks & they also observed my kids behaviour too, to better assess & advise suitable breed, this helps PMP to ensure their puppies are going to the right family too! It’s was a great 1hr+ time spent at PMP & my family actually went back again the next day, 8 Jan! It happened that a batch of Cavapoo puppies has arrived! We get to see & interact with full grown as well as puppies, this give us a flavour on how PMP Cavapoo are during puppy stage as well as full growth! This is very impt as we are 1st time pet owner! We felt more assured & knows what we are getting into!😁

Julie & Debbie shared with us Hennessy’s profiles together with her 2 fur brothers profiles, including DNA reports of their biological parent! It was a very nice and detailed profiles shared with photos & videos of each of them! They also shared photos of previous litter from the same biological parent so we can see how their older siblings are now!😁 PMP are very transparent with what they do & the whole process was fun and made very easy with PMP taking care of almost everything. Yes deposit was made on the very same Sunday 8 Jan!😍 Prior to Gotcha day, PMP provided weekly updates with photos and videos abt Hennessy so we won’t miss her growing stage!✌🏻They also provide flight details prior to her departure! When arrived in 🇸🇬 late evening, they pick her up from the airport, showered & fed her yummy food! They took videos & photos of her to update us! Gotcha day briefing was very detailed including the puppy go home pack & Hennessy nicely prepared personalised caresheet in a very sweet folder!🤩

Julia & Debbie are really responsive, helpful & encouraging until even today! When I have any questions or needed any advice, they are always there to help & support! Both of them are truly dog lovers & advocates for ethical breeding which we don’t see in some pet shops! I felt that PMP have also created a community that truly advocates for ethical breeding & that dogs are family members and not just a product to sell which I have observed through my interaction/conversation with other PMP Pawrents!🤩Yes the price may seems slightly higher than some pet shops but if you do enough research & checks to understand the whole entire breeding process where the puppies are breed from, you will see that there are really diff prices one have to pay when these puppies are imported into SG (diff country diff price), not forgetting all the taxes our government posses on and also no matter what a pet shop would definitely need to earn in order to pay rent pay food pay salaries! So in summary of PMP team & of cos Julia & Debbie - Fantastic, Wonderful & Amazing! 😍😘 It’s definitely worth it! For Hennessy, she is wonderful, very good temperament since we brought her home from day 1!👍🏻 Potty well, sleep thru the night, eat well & behave well! Really grateful to know PMP & lead us to Hennessy! Hennessy & us are very happy to be part of PMPFam!😍

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Alvin Song March 2024

We recently brought home our adorable male Pomeranian puppy Pokupan from Pet Me Please and we couldn't be happier with our experience! From the moment we stepped into the store, we were greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff members were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, guiding us through the process of choosing the perfect furry addition to our family.

Pokupan is not only healthy and well-groomed but also has a wonderful temperament, which is a testament to the care and attention he received at Pet Me Please. The store itself is impeccably clean and well-maintained, providing a comfortable environment for both pets and customers.

We appreciate the personalized service we received, as the staff took the time to answer all of our questions and ensure that we were well-prepared to welcome Poku Pan into our home. The aftercare support has also been exceptional, with Pet Me Please providing valuable advice and resources for Poku Pan's continued health and happiness.

Overall, we highly recommend Pet Me Please Pet to anyone looking to add a furry friend to their family. Thank you for helping us find our perfect match!

Niu Niu March 2024

I've always wanted my own puppy for the longest time and when the time came, i knew i've always wanted to get from an ethical breeder. Whilst researching, i came across Pet Me Please and they had a lot of great reviews. They are different from most retail, they do not import the puppies and have them sitting in a glass case waiting for people to choose. They only import the puppy after there's a confirmed owner.

Getting my pup from them also gave me a peace of mind as checks are performed on the dogs prior to breeding, which greatly decreases any chance of genetic diseases.

My pup's temperament is really gentle, and he's really well-behaved for a puppy, as compared to puppies from dog farms as they are generally more anxious due to the environment they grew up in. The pup seems to have grown up in a happy and safe environment and hence, he has a great temperment, apart from that, he's also conditioned to different noises and home appliances before arriving in Singapore so he's not afraid of them.

In a nutshell, i'm grateful to have found Pet Me Please and thankful that they introduced me to the little bundle of joy i brought home!

Joel Liew May 2023

I remember visiting many dog breeders but couldn’t find a pup to my liking as I wanted to purchase from an ethical breeder. I was looking for a dog who is loyal, playful, cute yet minimal shedding with no smell.

Couldn’t be more contented and pleased at the excellent service provided by Pet Me Please from my first visit up to the handover and through my journey as a dog owner. As a first time owner, I was recommended a Pom after sharing what I was looking for in a pup after observing a few breeds. I’ve never regretted my decision and may wanna purchase more in the near future!

Both Julia and Debbie were very passionate in their sharing and accommodating to what I was looking for in a pup. I remember the moment I reserved Pico, I was constantly updated on Pico’s progress till arriving in Singapore! My parents had considerations having a pup in the house but I can’t be more thankful and grateful to Julia for persuading & reassurance by addressing their concerns. Last but not least, even after the handover, I was guided by Julia on taking care of Pico & I would highly recommend pet me please to first time dog owners or for those who are intending to purchase more dogs.

Vijaya Esuvaranathan July 2023

This is a long delayed thank you to Pet Me Please. Julia & Debbie have been so helpful, empathetic & accommodating from the moment I first contacted them 3 months ago.

We had lost our 15 year old Pomeranian, Kye, earlier in the year & his 15 year old brother, Kori, was pining for him & seemed to be on the decline. However after a few months he started to come out of his grief so I thought he might like a companion. I approached Julia about bringing Kori to meet their Pomeranians & the instant he met them, he perked up. After a few sessions with Julia & Debbie’s Pomeranians, we could see that Kori seemed to have a new lease on life & we hence decided to get Talia (formerly known as Blossom).

It was the best decision ever, as there was an instant connection between Kori & Talia. Unfortunately, they were destined to be together for only a brief period & we lost Kori a fortnight later. We strongly believe that Kori had held on & selected Talia to comfort us & carry on the reigns of his & Kye’s legacy of love & joy.

Through this entire period, Julia & Debbie have been most supportive with advice, concern & friendship. Talia is such a bundle of joy & is easing our grief. She is highly intelligent & absolutely beautiful. We couldn’t love her more. She is now a member of a long legacy of Pomeranians in our family this last 45 years. I love that she has come from loving, ethical breeders who screen potential buyers as much as Julia & Debbie.

Thank you seems so inadequate but we are so grateful to Julia, Debbie & the German breeders who brought this gorgeous, fluffball into our lives at a time when we most needed her. Thank you Talia for crossing continents to be with us. Debbie & Julia have continued to follow up on all of us & I know this is a lifelong friendship for all of us. A massive thank you to Julia & Debbie & much love always.

Li Yi Chan March 2022

Pet Me Please did an excellent job for matching us with a puppy that truly matched our needs and personalities. We wanted a puppy that was calm and independent and they recommended Rusty to us.

While the first two days were a little bit rough settling him down...(totally normal for a puppy), we've had Rusty for a week now and he is an absolute angel. He was 90% pee pad trained (one or two accidents near the tray and that was it) and very well socialized when he came to us. He's calm and does not struggle when we handle him. He was already used to being handled, making grooming SO much easier.

We were worried that we wouldn't be able to care for him well and Pet Me Please gave us alot of assurance and lots of information and tips all compiled into a lovely caresheet. The staff there are very responsive and helpful, always ready to answer any questions that we had. Both of us were very grateful with how friendly everyone were and we felt we could ask questions freely.

We highly recommend anyone who is looking for a puppy to get theirs from here. Unlike other places, you know your puppy grew up well in a good place. You get to know about them as a puppy from young, and you get frequent updates from Pet Me Please even before you get to meet your puppy in person. On top of that, you get to know the puppy's parents. Both parents were selected based on their temperaments, are dna-tested, and went through thorough health checks.

Honestly we've tried searching other places prior to Pet Me Please but we were hesitant as it is really very difficult to get information about the puppy's background (parents, personality from young, and place they were brought up).We have no regrets getting Rusty from them and thank you so much for recommending him to us! 😊😊😊

Shan Teo July 2022

If we could rate Pet Me Please with more stars, we most certainly will! From the onset, we were very clear of not supporting puppy mills and would rather not have a puppy to love if we are unclear about the parentage, environment the puppies grow up in. It is challenging to source for an ethical pet shop in Singapore and this is where we are so thankful to have found Pet Me Please! We reached out to Julia who readily shared the parents’ DNA results and the photos, as well how they source for ethical breeders in eg. Australia Germany. Videos of the puppies in the breeder’s home were shared readily. The puppies are crate trained and are socialised by the breeder very young which is fantastic.

During the 1 month wait for our puppy, Julia provided us with weekly updates via videos. Pet Me Please has also shared very comprehensive decks on the various aspects on welcoming a puppy home eg. Schedule, training, grooming, food. Pet Me Please’s support is totally phenomenal and have given us plenty of encouragement along the way! We never felt we were alone in the journey with their support and advice. We even got updates when the puppies landed in Singapore and were brought back to Pet Me Please at 11pm for shower, food and many cuddles! This is a testament to how much love Pet Me Please has for the puppies too!

It has been a week since our Cavapoo came home with us and he is doing fantastic in terms of potty training! Being crate trained does help as our puppy was perfectly fine to sleep alone from the 2nd night on. We have been very very impressed at how well socialised he is ie. vacuum cleaner sounds, washing machine, car horns, aeroplanes , door bells, television sounds - nothing fazes him! This proves how much thought, consideration and love the breeder has put in to nurture the puppies since young.

We would strongly recommend Pet Me Please if you are looking for a puppy for your home! Julia, Debbie and the entire team has been wonderful!

Gold March 2022

When we decided to get another pet, we were adamant that this time, when getting puppy, we should know where it came from and its background. With this in mind, I searched the web for ethically sourced puppies and "Pet Me Please" came up. I called them up to make an inquiry and get to know them better. We were invited to visit their shop so that we can view some of the puppies they had. I was really surprised to see how well socialized and friendly their pups were. As we were not in a rush to get another puppy, Julia mentioned that they have pups arriving in about 4 months time and it was just the perfect timing for us.

We were introduced to the Coton de Tulear breed which is from a breeder in Germany. What really convinced us to get Zando aside from having the health documentation, were the video updates and pictures sent where you can really see the breeder’s passionate care and love for the pups. You can also see where the pups were raised and that they were free to roam around with their siblings. Not only that, the breeders also socialized them at an early age. They were potty trained too so that was a bonus. 👍🏻👍🏻

After waiting patiently for 4 months, Zando finally arrived in SG. We visited him on the day he arrived and he greeted us with his kisses as if he knew that we are his forever family. All our apprehensions about not being able to have that connection with him just disappeared. We were overjoyed and couldn't wait to bring him home.

It’s been almost a month now and Zando has filled our lives with so much love and joy. He is very eager to please, just craves attention and loves cuddles. He loves meeting new people and other dogs too. It has been a pleasant and wonderful experience so far. We are so blessed to have Zando and would like to thank Julia and the rest of the Pet Me Please crew.

Liyi April 2022

I would highly recommend PetMePlease if you are looking to have a furry addition to your family! PMP is fully committed to sourcing only from ethical breeders and they were very transparent in terms of where the puppy came from, his parents and the environment he grew up in. This is unlike many of the places we went to who usually brushed us off by simply telling us the puppy is from a "local breeder"

From the start of the process, PMP was very patient in addressing all my questions and concerns. They also asked me questions and matched me to the right puppy based on personality and home environment. Evidently, they look to place these puppies into suitable, happy homes. Undoubtedly, one might be overwhelmed when bringing a puppy home, but PMP would make sure we have all the knowledge required for the first few days and when we encountered any problems with training, they were very helpful in providing tips and giving advice.

It has been 2 weeks since we brought my baby Tarzan home and he is already 80% potty trained and settled in. Having being brought up in a good happy environment also shows as he loves cuddles, is friendly towards the people he meets, plays with other dogs and is well socialized at such a young age. He is gentle yet playful and he is confident, does not scare easily; he is not afraid of everyday household noises like the vacuum, hair dryer, door knocks.

He even interacts well with young kids, we had a few parents comment on how good natured Tarzan is. They were impressed by how their kids were unafraid of him and of course they were won over by his cuteness. Thank you so much Julia, Debbie and PMP! Tarzan is the sweetest cutest baby and has brought me so much joy 🙂

Thinking of a second dog?

It has been almost a month since we brought our Cavapoo Nala home! She is our second dog and she has been settling in so well with the family ☺️ I would like to thank PMP for introducing us to such a well behaved little pup! I am so surprised with how quickly she has adapted to our home and our existing older dog!

Ethical breeding is an issue that is really close to my heart and one that I have taken the time to do extensive research on. After our first meet up with PMP, they fully addressed all my concerns! It turns out that they were also passionate about ethical breeding practices and making sure that the parents are cleared of common illnesses. Nala was also well socialised and could read cues really well! She is actually the first the only dog so far that my first dog is comfortable to play with.

Thank you PMP for sending such a darling our way. And keep up the awesome work

Shermaine Tan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I got a cavapoo pup (Kiki) from PMP and she's been home with me for about a month now.

Debbie and Julia have been extremely patient, understanding and professional throughout the whole process to answer my questions and concerns (before and after getting Kiki), guiding me on how to integrate a pup with my current two dogs at home.

As dog owners with multiple dogs themselves, they gave very helpful advice. Kiki is happy and healthy, and settling well with the pack. As one of my dogs is rather senior, he is not too fond of overly excited puppies, Debbie and team worked together with their breeders to help me find a pup with a calm, sweet-natured temperament who will be suitable for the household. Kiki has brought much joy and injected some youthful energy to the family, playing happily with my other dog who's been longing for a playmate, while also giving the senior dog his space when he wants to be left alone.

The PMP team genuinely cares for the dogs and finding them suitable homes. Thank you Debbie and Julia, for helping me to find Kiki, she is such a gem!

Karin Ink ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was incredibly impressed by the thoughtfulness and consideration put into matching family types to the puppies. I was looking for a companion for my 12 yr old dog and they absolutely delivered on the right personality and energy level! On top of that, every stage of the adoption is so well handled — completely worth every penny. Charlotte is an absolute sweetie. Thanks so much Debbie and Julia for being so patient and accommodating with us!

Kathleen Tan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"Where do I start…
1) Recommended through word of mouth. Says a lot when your customers are your best advert.

2) Quick response when we first got in touch via WhatsApp.

3) Really nice new premises where you can see the pups are well looked after and given their space, not stacked on top of each other for a quick sale.

4) Julia and Debbie led us through their philosophy and personal stories as to why they started this business. Really resonated with us.

5) Our previous dog had passed away recently. The empathy and care shown on our visit was appreciated and helped us with our decision to go with Pet Me Please (PMP).

6) PMP take time to build a relationship with their breeders meaning you can be 100% certain you are not funding a puppy mill operation when you buy through them. They are transparent on where the puppies come from and you are given updates, photos and videos of the pups before they even make it to Singapore.

7) They work with you to select the right puppy for your family. We were shown a number of litters and puppies before we finally settled on our pup rather than hard sold on the first puppy that comes through their door. Refreshing to say the least.

8) We had selected a puppy prior to the one we actually got. During their thorough screening and vet checking process (in Australia in this case) there were some issues that came up. Nothing for certain but there was a remote possibility the pup would require an operation on its gut six months down the line. Rather than keep this quiet and take our money they told us the situation and had already spoken to the breeder to arrange for the pup to be adopted in Australia. That’s what you call a customer-centric approach.

9) As our pup was from Germany we had to wait an additional two months before he could be imported due to rabies clearance. Our pup was placed with their regular trainer for that time. Again, we received lots of photos and video updates. We also have a dog that is already potty trained! Well done, Pup. Well done, Sophie the trainer. And well done PMP!

10) Upon arrival all vet checks were carried out, the dogs were allowed to settle (he traveled with his brother) and we were allowed to regularly visit as they got over their jet lag. We had our pup home 72 hours after him landing. Not the case he was sitting in the shop window for weeks before being sold off to anyone who walks in with enough money and with no checking.

11) PMP provided us with a number of start up items and advice on his schedule in a handy reference pack. This has been invaluable in the early days with our pup.

12) PMP have stayed in touch making sure our puppy is doing well, settling in and offering advice on grooming, training, diet etc. Again, really shows they care and aren’t just about shifting units like an appliance showroom.

13) PMP added us to a chat group of owners that got their pups from the same breeder. So helpful in being able to compare notes and socialise our puppy! Let me know if there’s is another place that does that.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some items where PMP went above and beyond but there are so many instances it’s hard to remember them all. Pet Me Please is not a pet shop. It’s a responsible provider of ethically sourced puppies that I can’t recommend highly enough."
Harry R.
"It’s been a truly amazing and wonderful experience for us at Pet Me Please. We’re first-time pet owners and have been looking for a pet cavapoo for a while. Our concern has always been the source of puppies sold at pet shops. More often, information on these puppies are limited to breed type and country of import only. During our pet purchase research, we also encountered horror stories of puppy mills and wanted to be sure that we get our first puppy from a genuine breeder and not a puppy farm.

We came across Pet Me Please by chance while in the vicinity and later contacted Julia. We were impressed by her professionalism, honesty, dedicated work and love for the puppies. It was a totally different experience from the typical experience we received from the other popular/ reputable pet shops here. Julia spent much time getting to know us first: our family type, preference dog breeds and thereafter, explained the suitability of dog breeds to our household. She was very honest in providing us with information on the source of her dogs and breeders overseas. She’s also superbly patient in addressing the numerous questions we have as first-time pet owner. We picked Ollie - a red/white cavapoo from Australia when he was 6-7 weeks old, based on photos, profile, DNA testing reports and videos provided by Pet Me Please. We were subsequently updated on a weekly basis of pictures and videos of Ollie. This meant a lot as we didn’t miss out on Ollie’s growing phase between 7 to 12 weeks prior to arrival in Singapore. Pet Me Please also kept the entire process very transparent as we were updated very regularly of Ollie’s well being too. This has certainly given us a great comfort level on the pet puppy that we were purchasing.

One of the most remarkable experiences was the communication between Pet Me Please and us on the day Ollie arrived in Singapore. Julia kept us informed of Ollie’s well-being via clips of videos and pictures of Ollie even as she met him at airport. The biggest surprise was definitely an out of the blue Face-Time session with Ollie shortly after his arrival. We were so touched by this gesture from Julia as it gave us much assurance of Ollie after his long flight from Australia. It is also indicative of the enormous love and care Julia and her team gave the puppies. Another noteworthy experience was a hands-on instructional session by Julia and Debbie prior to Ollie’s home return. Julia and Debbie took much time explaining and walking us through the Do’s and Don’ts via a care sheet checklist with us, making sure we were aware of Ollie’s temperament, behaviour and the essential cleaning and feeding norms. We found this extremely useful for first time pet owners.

Ollie has been home with us for 2 weeks and brought so much joy, love and laughter to our family. We were so impressed by Ollie’s potty/crate training when he first returned home. It’s amazing seeing how well potty trained he was at 12 weeks’ by his Aussie breeder. Ollie also takes basic instructions as he understands basic words well. This has relieved a huge load off us and made things much easier for first time pet owners like us. Ollie also has a sweet temperament and is generally affectionate and a well-behaved puppy. We couldn’t agree more on how important DNA testing of puppy’s parents is and highly recommend this to all prospective pet owners to ensure the overall well-being of their puppies. Lastly, we are extremely thankful and appreciative to Julia and her team at Pet Me Please for giving us this truly amazing experience to be Ollie’s parents. Thank you very much, Pet Me Please!"
Cheryl Seah
"We got a Pomeranian from Pet Me Please despite the breed not being on the shortlist. The ladies at Pet Me Please won me over with their love and enthusiasm for Poms. They showed us how Poms can be so lovable and easy to manage and are not barky unless triggered. Theon has been with us for almost 4 weeks and everyday is better with him. Julia and Debbie are always on the ball whenever I have questions and it is extremely reassuring to have this support as a first time pet owner. There is a premium to pay for the puppies from PMP but I think it is money well spent. Thank you for picking Theon to join my family. We cannot imagine a better pup than him."
Wendy Sim
"Highly recommend pet me pls to those that are interested in getting dogs as companions especially for first-timer. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate throughout the whole process.

Although I am not a new dog owner I learned a lot from them!! They would also constantly send you videos and pictures of your dog before collecting them. So you can be assured they are well-taken care of.

Not only that they would present you with certs, parents' history, etc (free from common disease) on the day of collection. Def purchase with peace of mind!

I would say the whole experience was smooth and pleasant. Thank you so much 🙂 "
Claudia Quek
"We’d been searching for a cavapoo puppy for several months before we came across Julia and the team at Pet Me Please. They’ve provided us with lots of guidance and support from day 1. We’re very happy with, and thankful for our precious new family addition! To us, ensuring our puppy comes from a responsible breeder and not a farm / puppy mill was key. We’d researched and interacted with (I’m quite sure) all pet shops and local breeders but there was none of which we felt 100% comfortable with. We’re so glad that we finally came across the dedicated Pet Me Please team. They provided us with (1) Regular photos and video updates of our puppy with their parents (2) Comprehensive health report of parents & our puppy, and (3) answered all of our million questions patiently. Big thank you to the Pet Me Please team and our puppy’s breeder in Australia for all the love & care throughout the early stages of her life and for sending her safely to us!!"
Jane L.
"We were given a considerable amount of time to interact with the puppies in the cleanest and most spacious environment for a pet shop, and the owners Julia and Debbie were absolutely patient in providing all the information we needed to come to a decision. Compared to all other shops, Pet Me Please stands out for their in-depth knowledge of the puppies and the breeders' profile. They were able to prove that the puppies were not from a mill, but perhaps the best proof was in the puppies themselves - there was no sign of stress in any of the puppies we had seen over 3 visits to the shop, and every one of them was healthy, well-socialised and had PERFECT temperament (the distinctive mark of a responsible breeder and #1 consideration in buying a dog). Post-sales service was top-notch. 10 days after bringing home our puppy, we thought he developed a cough. When I mentioned it to Julia, she immediately got me to send her a recording of his coughing. She then forwarded the video to the breeder in Germany for consultation and concurrently made an appointment with a vet for us while offering to take care of the bill. Thankfully, the "cough" turned out to be a false alarm and we didn't need the vet, but Julia's response to the situation left us totally impressed and assured in every way."
"I can tell they put a lot of efforts finding the right breeders and the puppies are all amazing. They are properly fed with good foods and spent enough time with mom, so you can tell these puppies are brought with so much loves. Also they understand each puppies temperament and personality, they listen carefully from a person who is trying to adopt them and they give you right advice and hold your hands to go through this journey. I am so glad I found them in Singapore, so I could find my life companion."
Jihee K.
"Pet Me Please have been wonderful in helping us to find our perfect puppy! So much detail about the puppies lineage, and regular photos and videos helped us to bond with our pup before he got here. And it was great to see the environment he grew up in. Julia and Debbie are always there to answer questions and give advice! So pleased to have found you guys and to have brought our pup home safe and happy can’t thank you enough!"
Nicola G.
"The team at Pet Me Please were so incredibly helpful throughout the entire process of helping us find the perfect puppy (ethically bred and carefully selected) — Nala our little cavapoo is an absolute gem!! They answered every question we had and provided us with all the information on the puppy’s parents, detailed genetic reports, and sent weekly photo and video updates so we could keep up with how she was doing in Australia. When Nala arrived with her sisters in Singapore, the team took such good care for them, sent regular video and photo updates, and also accommodated us (almost everyday) whenever we wanted to visit. The puppies were all well socialised, well-adjusted and confident — which was really comforting for us. Even after we brought Nala home, they continued to answer all the questions we had and provided us with a very comprehensive puppy starter pack to help us out! Would definitely recommend Pet me please if you’re looking for a new puppy!!"
Faith T.
"I was looking for a puppy for about a month before finding Petmeplease and my sister and I couldn't be more grateful that we got to bring Nikki home. From the start we were shown pictures and videos of Nikki growing up at her breeders, as well as with her parents and litter. We were also given a comprehensive genetic report of Nikki's parents, as well as a testing sheet of the Volhard Puppy's Aptitude Test that she did. Her good upbringing and socialization skills really showed when we meet her and she was so trusting and sweet towards us that we fell in love. She also knew how to sit and wait for her food, and pee on grass due to the early neurological stimulation and puppy culture programme by the breeders. She is our family's first puppy and the first couple of nights were tough as we were trying to figure out her needs, however, the team provided very strong support after we brought her home, addressing our queries during the weekend and at night. My family and I am so grateful for their help and would highly recommend them. Petmeplease is really a notch above the rest :)"
Nicole O.
"Cooper says hewyo and that he is a very good boi! Thanks for bringing in such a lovely cuddle monster and for answering all our questions so patiently."
Jeanette T.
"I would not rate 5 stars, but 6/5 stars for Pet me please! ****** 😉 This is not a paid review, but a proud pet owner who has experienced top notch service from Julia and the team. If you are still not aware, Pet Me Please does not advocate puppies from puppy mills. We had been to other numerous pet shops, the puppies fur coat and temperament are nothing as compared to Pet me please puppies. The puppies all look so healthy and happy. The shop is so spacious and clean, it feels so welcoming for both the owners and definitely the puppies. It was a 6 weeks wait for my puppy to arrive in SG. Julia would send us photos and videos on a weekly basis to update on our puppy’s growth process. The puppies can be seen together with the parents running around freely and happily in the breeder’s garden. A customised (with my puppy’s photos!) and detailed pet guide was given on how to care for your puppy. We were also given a bag of puppy starter pack that helped us a great deal for first time pet owners. I believe other pet shops might not render such service and thoughtful gesture. Their exemplary service does not stop once the puppies left the shop. Julia whatsapp and ask on the puppy’s well-being and always is more than happy to answer any queries that you have. If you are looking for a puppy, look no further. The price that I’ve paid is worth every cent. Me and my husband cannot be more than satisfied with Pet me please and are more than pleased with our decision. We will highly recommend this pet shop to all!"
Sylvia Z.
"My wife and I chanced upon PetMePlease when we walked by the area. We had been wanting to get a dog for the past 5+years before that. From the get-go, Yujia and Debbie were welcoming and were happy to answer all our questions and concerns about properly caring for a dog. In the few months waiting for our dog (Lager) to arrive, they provided weekly updates from the breeders which were extremely helpful for us to understand Lager’s behaviour. When Lager arrived, they (Yujia, Debbie and Ivy) spared no effort to ensure that Lager was well taken care of and to facilitate our introduction to Lager. Overall, we found them to be extremely reliable, and prepared us well (logistically and mentally) for welcoming Lager home. It has been a month and Lager is generally a well-behaved puppy. This is testament to the great preparation work done by the breeders that PetMePlease works with. They also check in from time to time, so the whole experience was not purely “transactional”. As first-time owners, we are glad to have had the level of support provided by PetMePlease."
Jin H.
"We have visited many pet shops and found best shop which Pet Me Please. They were extremely transparent about breeders, their environment, testing etc. We can tell these puppies are brought with so much loves. The team provide us a lot of guidance and support pre and post adoption. Really appreciate Pet Me please team and puppy's breeder in Australia!! If you looking for puppy, We are highly recommend PET ME PLEASE."
Kazu T.
"THE BEST - I was so impressed when I dropped them a DM on instagram @petmeplease.sg and they sent us a chunk of in depth information and even beautiful slides about the doggos i enquired about. Customer service is top-notch and they have full medical history provided so you know exactly and they have a bunch of good quality items in their starter pack. not only that, they bring down a vet AND a groomer to check your pet and groom them before you bring them home. they have also advised me many times while i was prepping for my lil boy and they also give you a training on the basics when they do the handover. I have so much more good things to say about them but i'm running out of the word limit. i love you guys, thank you pmpsg i wouldn't change anything♥️"
Charm C.
"As first time owners we had a lot of questions to ask, Julia and Debbie are both sincere and genuine to answer every single question that we have. I've never seen such young, passionate and knowledgeable owners of a pet shop who do not hard sell dogs to you but would try to seek an understanding of the owners characters and recommended a match of the dog's personality best suited for the family. I am glad to say we found our fur-ever pet from this place and are so happy to have him. Buying pets from responsible and ethical breeder is very important as it helps wipe out a lot of the bad habits like puppy barking due to anxiety issues and unnecessary peeing / marking at home. I highly recommend Pet Me Please if you are looking for best quality bred dogs."
Mabel W.
"My husband and I were always hesitant to get a puppy from typical pet shops in SG due to the lack of transparency of the puppies’ breeding conditions. Pet Me Please prides itself in only bringing in puppies that are DNA tested from ethical breeders from Australia and Germany. We got in contact with Pet Me Please in early May this year and it took us about 2 months to finally find and decide on the perfect puppy of our dreams, Miso! We received regular updates of Miso while she was still in Australia and we were able to see the beautiful and loving environment she grew up in. Miso was toilet trained since she was about 3 weeks and she’s been doing very well ever since she’s been home with us. Julia and Debbie are patient and thorough, guiding us through the entire process. A care sheet was provided that included everything down to a schedule for Miso to follow and the measurements of the kibbles that should be fed. Even after Miso came home with us, Julia and Debbie checked in regularly with us to see how Miso has been doing! We can’t thank the PMP team enough for bringing Miso into our lives!"
Wei M.
"Definitely the best pet shop, I always get quick and honest responses from them. - You can find healthy puppies with them. - They set ethical standards for breeder selection. - They care transfer process (air flight). - They support post-handover period (diet, walking, health care; brushing, bath, oral care etc…). PMP breeder gave all loves and cares to my puppy , so he(dog) is mentally stable, also trusts all people. That makes a big positive difference in his life, thanks!"
Asami A.
"Really glad that I chanced upon Pet Me Please, the two lovely ladies, Yujia and Debbie were most helpful and attentive, right from getting me my new little family member to settling him down in my home. Thank you again Yujia and Debbie!."
Liz C.
"Did a lot of research before deciding on Pet Me Please. Was looking for a boutique petshop that is reliable, meticulous and understanding as I'm a first-time dog owner. And, that was exactly my experience. They were there for me every step of the way, still are. I am grateful that I embarked on my puppy journey with them, every single one on the team were supportive, encouraging and very patient. What I appreciated most was the handover - the advice and suggestions given, from my puppy's diet to hygiene products and trustworthy contacts of vets and groomers have been most reassuring. Kinda helped me get off to a good start. So far, Sadie is healthy and growing well, that's everything a pet owner could ever ask for. Thanks guys!"
Jillyn K.
"I got my mini Aussie Shepherd from Pet Me Please and couldn't be happier about the experience! They evidently love and care for all the puppies they bring in, and provide detailed paperwork on genetic/dna tests etc which most other places don't. They were also happy for me to bring my dog to the shop to interact with her prior to bringing her home. She has amazing temperament and has been a great addition to our fam!"
Jesley C.
"It’s been six days since I brought my little Pomeranian home and I’m really glad that I got her from Pet Me Please! Yujia and Debbie are incredibly knowledgeable and their passion for poms really shines through. As a first time dog owner, they answered all my incessant questions patiently and sent me a ton of information and pictures of the dogs even before they arrived in Singapore. Finding an ethical breeder was really important to me, but other shops I visited never gave me the same peace of mind. Small dogs often come with a host of health issues because they are undernourished or bred from dogs who are too small to be having puppies. Ensuring the long term health of my pet would help to save vet trips, money and heartache down the road. In fact, a popular pet shop that I visited told me that it was “normal” for all small dogs to have Grade 1 or 2 luxating patella, as long as it’s not “3 or 4 it’s ok and doesn’t interfere with their normal life”. However, PMP informed that was untrue and strict standards in Germany ensured that only dogs that were Grade 0 certified could breed. They also sent me the genetic health information of both parents and health test results. Additionally, ethical breeders help to weed out many behavioural issues like aggression. In the past week, I have only ever heard my puppy bark once and she is extremely comfortable being held by humans in any position. The after sales follow-up has been stellar and they are super responsive via text. Moreover, PMP has managed to build a community where owners can exchange information with each other and set up play dates for the puppies to ensure that they won’t get lonely. The dogs may come at a premium but it is truly worth every penny for a lifelong companion!"
Isabel W.
"We brought home our little Goldendoodle from Pet Me Please and would highly recommend them. Excellent service (pre and post), knowledgeable staff and very clean place. They get their puppies from ethical breeders with proper documentation and Information. I have been researching for past one year and finally found exactly what I was looking for. Julia and Debbie and the Nannie’s are excellent and when you talk to them you will know they are dog lovers. They are patient while explaining to first time pet owners like us and never pushy. We were kept informed about our puppy regularly till the day she came to us and after that there’s been regular feedback information exchanged always with a kind smile. I wish them all the very best!!!"
Lopamudra Khanna
"We visited many other pet shops and only felt comfortable with Pet Me Please because we believed they are serious about ethical breeding and the wellbeing of the dogs. We bought a cavapoo from the shop. I don't think any other shop provides as much details to a customer as they do before a purchase- we got DNA health records of my pups parents, puppy temperament testing, and weekly videos and photo updates from the breeder. Every aspect of their service is industry leading. I highly recommend the shop if u want puppies that are bred ethically, health checked and well socialised."
Eva T.
"We were looking for ethically responsible breeder and pet shop in Singapore.. We almost gave up until we knew about Pet Me Please. The shop is so cleaned and puppies weren’t in cages, they had lots of space to move around in the shop. We can’t be more happy to find not 1 but 2 double doodles pups at the same time. Yujia and Debbie were treating the dogs like their own and the breeder they chose is reputable ethically known in Europe. 👍🏼 A BIG Thank you Yujia and Debbie for all their time and effort for dealing with us, their generosity for helping us with our needs during our move and all. We will come visit you guys with Oskar and Mozart! Thank you again!"
Monica J.
"After having visited many different pet shops in Singapore, I found Pet Me Please to be the best one! They have unparalleled commitment to bringing in only the healthiest, most ethically-bred, well-socialised (and beautiful!) pups. Julia and Debbie are so supportive, patient and thoughtful at every step of the process -- even after I brought my pup home. I really appreciated how transparent they were about the breeders and their environment, health testing/clearances, pedigree lineage, providing overall updates, etc. I couldn't be happier with my new pup and I highly recommend you visit Pet Me Please if you're looking for a furry friend!"
"I found the love of my life at this pet shop! I cannot thank these guys enough for helping me find the puppy of my dreams. The whole process was so smooth and easy going. Highly recommend these PET ME PLEASE if you are looking for a pet :)"
Geraldine P.
"We got our first goldendoodle pup from Pet Me Please and it's been a completely wonderful time with them! HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone who's looking for a dog, and have already recommended many of our friends/relatives to them. Definitely 5/5 Stars! We very much appreciate Debbie and Julia for taking the extra time to answer our many questions. They are great caretakers and definitely trustworthy when it comes to handling the puppies. It's evident that they have the knowledge, patience, and sincerity in providing the best for their customers and dogs. We really enjoyed how transparent the whole process was — from the ethical process of choosing their breeders, to providing details about our pup's parents, and all the way to bring our pup home where they gave us a lot of tips and recommendations. We love how detail-oriented they are too, with their cute yet personalised puppy guide and puppy checklist (won't spoil what these are about!) 🤗 Thank you Pet Me Please for making the start of our pawrenting journey an incredible one! ❤️️"
Mabellyn T.
"We recommend Pete Me Please as warmly as possible! Our family had been looking into getting a dog for months, but did not feel comfortable with the level of information regarding the breeding practices/ethics/philosophy from any other pet shop/breeder in Singapore. We feel so grateful that we chanced upon Pet Me Please; from their website we could tell the heart, care, and competence that went into their work. When we went to meet Pet Me Please in person, all these hopes were confirmed - they spoke expertly about the care for a dog, they understood how to ensure the the puppies were healthy and happy, and we immediately felt we had found the right match for our family. Now our family has been blessed with the sweetest little mini labradoodle, and we feel gratitude and a strong connection to the ladies of Pet Me Please 🙂 5/5 stars with extra plusses!"
Jesper R.
"As a first time dog owner, Pet Me Please was an excellent choice. From day one, they provided us with lots of guidance and support pre and post adoption. We could tell they put in a lot of effort and commitment to ensure the puppies are from the most ethical breeders and are healthy, well socialised and happy puppies . They not only provided us with all background information and testing of the puppy's parents etc, but also weekly updates of the puppy with photos and videos that showed our puppy was well taken care of . Julia and Debbie very patiently answered all my questions and still do post adoption:) The store itself is super clean and spacious. I'm so happy I went with Pet Me Please and highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a puppy."
Kishanie K.
"My partner and I were looking to get a dog together, and we are so glad we found Pet Me Please. They source from credible, ethical breeders and shower so much care and concern for all their puppies. Right from the start, they were attentive in addressing all our queries, provided genetic reports of the pup’s parents, and sent us regular updates of our chosen pup (Mocha) leading up to her arrival. When Mocha reached SG, we could tell they took great care of her and her sisters - loving them like their own pets. Before we brought her home, they gave us an extensive guidebook and walked us through how to care of our pup. They even included a personality write up of Mocha for us, and the puppy starter pack provided was so comprehensive too! As first time dog owners, this really helped us ease into Mocha’s first few days at home. Mocha is growing up to be such a lovely and caring soul, and we are so appreciative of Pet Me Please for being a part of her and our journey. Would highly recommend anyone looking to be a dog owner to check out Pet Me Please!"
Annabel L.
"Pet Me Please is hands down THE BEST! They are honestly 10/10. From the moment we contacted them, they messaged me back that same day with all the information I needed about the pup I was interested in. It gave us the assurance that this company was the one because they immediately sent me history of their parents, DNA testings, pictures and videos of the pup! From the day we said yes to getting our mini dachshund Skye, the team took care of it all. Every week until Skye arrived, they gave me picture updates and videos from the breeder to keep me updated on her growth. In addition, they answered my stupid questions which made me trust them even more & I knew both my partner and I were in such great hands. Skye arrived with her other sisters & they were SO happy SO settled in the pet shop. They looked after them for 72 hours and gave us all the details about how they were fed, their habits, their personality developments.. everything!! I honestly only have positive things to say about the team. My partner and I trust them so much, I even want Skye to visit them every now and then cuz I know they love her so much 💜 Thank you guys - all of you. You have made all of this so easy for us and Skye xxx Skye sends cuddles and kisses!!!"
Nazharia S.
"We’ve been looking for a puppy as a first time owner. We are happy to chanced upon Pet Me Please on Instagram. They have been very patient and responsive to our inquiries. They provide pictures of the parents, DNA results and updates of the puppies till it reaches us. We even have zoom call with our puppy - Havapoo, Ginny before she arrives. They also provided us guidance and tips for our puppies whenever we need. Really appreciate and Pet Me Please is definitely a trusted pet shop if you are looking for one! We are very happy to have Ginny so far as she is very well behaved and potty trained."
Winnie W.
"Julia & Debbie never fails to go the extra mile when it comes to educating new pawrents like us. With the constant updating of our reserved puppy through photos and videos and answering all the questions we have and are still having, they are definitely one of the best or if not the most responsible pet shop owners we could have ever met. It was pure happenstance that we came across this pet haven and we are so glad that we found Gigi!"
Kenneth T.
"We are so so satisfied with Pet Me Please!! They made my dream of owning a dog a reality. When I first tried to persuade my parents to get a dog, we hit many roadblocks and uncertainties. We visited a few other pet shops and tried other platforms but didn't feel comfortable with it. My parents were also worried about puppy mills issues in Sg. But when I came across Pet Me Please, who source from ethical breeders, specifically for a dachshund, many of our concerns were addressed. Julia and Debbie at Pet Me Please were so very helpful and patient the whole journey, we even went down a couple of times just to clarify our doubts and concerns but they were very patient and gently addressed all those. We felt confident enough with all the information provided (like health certificates) and the regular updates on the puppies. When we first met Milo in Sg, we completely fell in love with him because he is suchh a sweet baby and is the right temperament for my family, so gentle. Today was the first day we brought him home and he was doing so good! He had almost no mistakes with potty training (except he tried to pee on the edge of the new pee tray and missed so his pee ended up underneath the pee tray and we didnt notice until much later 😝) and we're so grateful to the wonderful breeder to trained him so well. We all absolutely love him and have 💯 no regrets!! We want to say a big thank you to the team at Pet Me Please who took so much care of Milo when he was in Sg and for Julia and Debbie for being so wonderful during the whole journey!! ☺️"
Hannah C.
"After having a bad experience with another local pet shop in which my puppy fell seriously ill within 2 days of bringing him home, my family and I have been extremely apprehensive about getting a new puppy for fear of facing the same situation. However, as soon as I met up with Julia and Debbie from Pet Me Please, all our concerns dissipated. From the very first time I entered the pet shop to express my interest in getting a new puppy, I was provided with the full suite of information about their puppies - the ethical breeding process, parents’ health reports and the exemplary conditions the puppies were living in (big gardens to run freely etc). After showing me a picture of their baby merle pom, I was immediately sold. While waiting for him to arrive in Singapore from Germany, I was provided with updates every step of the way, which truly showed the shop’s passion and commitment in making sure that everything was perfect. When I collected him today, we were taught almost everything we needed to know about raising a pom puppy and were even given a free welcome pack with quality food, treats, toys and a pee pad. It’s only been a few hours since we’ve brought Tobi home but my whole family is already in love with his confident yet calm temperature - he’s truly a sweetheart who has been really well trained and socialised by his breeders, and I am sure all their other puppies are too! Been an amazing expereince and i’ll definitely be recommending Pet Me Please to anyone who is looking for a new furry companion :-)"
Natalie M.
"Choosing a puppy can be so overwhelming in Singapore with so many options, some of them we found very very questionable. After all, we wanted to make sure the new member of our family is healthy and well taken care of. Julia & Debbie did a very great job at reassuring us from day 1, sharing transparently every single details we requested and answering with outmost patience all questions on our little Mochi even weeks after we took him home. We felt straight away a strong and genuine dog love which also materializes into the attention they choose their breeders. Although we had to wait almost 2 months before Mochi joined us, the numerous videos, pictures shared from the breeder in Australia made us feel he was already a member of our family. We could also witness that he was raised in a loving, cosy atmosphere, which was important to us. Julia and Debbie show In a great way how an ethical business led as a calling is the best recipe towards success. We put our trust in PetMePlease and could not be more happy."
Thierry L.
"Thank you Julia and Deb for such an amazing experience at Pet Me Please (PMP)! The passion and love you have shown for these puppies will be like no other. You've proved to us how love and ethical breeding can have such a large impact on puppies, and how important it is for their upbringing. Thank you for imparting all your knowledge and skills to ensure that first time owners like myself know what we are getting into, and how to care for our puppy. The amount of effort put in by both of you to ensure that we are well prepared is unmatched. The staff at PMP are the most dedicated, genuine and loving bunch ever, and both lionel and I are forever grateful! Thank you for all the love you have poured into each and every puppy that has graced through your store, and thank you for bringing kumi into our lives. We wouldn't trade her for anything in the world :)"
Venetia W.
"The owners were very patient with all our enquiries! I am a first time dog owner, hence had quite a few questions. You can really tell that the owners put in a lot of love and thought into caring for the puppies Really happy to find my Milky here! Will recommend to all pet owners. ❤❤❤"
Huiyu L.
"Best pet shop in town. Pet Me Pls is the plc to go for ethically breed, healthy, most imptly happy and well socialized pups 🙂 Esp their fluffy cotton poms! Visited many local petshops before finding Pet Me Pls and the differences are really obvious, not only in the puppies' backgrounds, temperaments, and upbringing, but also the lots of tlc that they receive at Pet Me Pls (check out their insta!). The experience here was really pleasant, Julia and Debbie were very sincere and helpful, taking their time to explain everything about poms to us and we never once felt pressured to make a decision immediately (unlike some local pet shops that give you limited interaction with the pup/ push you the terms of sale in half an hr). They are 100% transparent with the pups' breeders and parentage, and would even go the extra mile to find the right families suitable for the puppies' personalities. Their instincts were right too, my pom puppy totally matched our energies and it's been an absolute joy to have her 🙂 Highly recommend!"
Kate T.
"My mom and I have always been avid dog lovers and were looking to own a Pomeranian. We were rather careful about looking for ethical breeders, especially ones that were transparent about the breeding process and allowed us to interact with the puppy before making a decision. Pet Me Please checked all the boxes we were looking for. When we first called, they gave us all the information we needed and answered the very many questions we had. It was clear that they truly cared for and loved the puppies that were in their care. Also, although we only called in a few days before the Poms were arriving in Singapore, they were willing to squeeze in an appointment slot for us. They also respond very quickly on WhatsApp, which is something we really appreciate! At the appointment, it was heartwarming to see the puppies running around happily, as it was clear that they had been trained and socialised well from young. I believe the environment they were surrounded with in Germany and with Pet Me Please in Singapore was conducive for their development. Upon meeting them, it is clear that PMP cares a lot about making sure that each puppy ends in suitable hands. They did not rush us about making a decision, and instead gave us ample time to interact with Sven. (This is different from other pet shops that sometimes care more about the money.) The day before we brought Sven home, the team took the time to go through in detail a potential schedule for him, as well as various health and care tips. This, together with the various products in PMP’s puppy care kit, has really guided us in helping Sven adapt to his new home. (Also, the PMP team took really nice professional photos of Sven and us as well, for us to keep as memories as Sven grows older!) It’s now been a week since Sven joined our family, and the PMP team continues to address any concerns we have, whether it be about his health, food, potty training, etc. We are grateful for PMP for being very welcoming and bringing Sven to our family! <3"
Eunice A.
"We’d been searching for a cavapoo puppy for several months before we came across Julia and the team at Pet Me Please. They’ve provided us with lots of guidance and support from day 1. We’re very happy with, and thankful for our precious new family addition! To us, ensuring our puppy comes from a responsible breeder and not a farm / puppy mill was key. We’d researched and interacted with (I’m quite sure) all pet shops and local breeders but there was none of which we felt 100% comfortable with. We’re so glad that we finally came across the dedicated Pet Me Please team. They provided us with (1) Regular photos and video updates of our puppy with their parents (2) Comprehensive health report of parents & our puppy, and (3) answered all of our million questions patiently. Big thank you to the Pet Me Please team and our puppy’s breeder in Australia for all the love & care throughout the early stages of her life and for sending her safely to us!!"
Jane L.
"I can tell they put a lot of efforts finding the right breeders and the puppies are all amazing. They are properly fed with good foods and spent enough time with mom, so you can tell these puppies are brought with so much loves. Also they understand each puppies temperament and personality, they listen carefully from a person who is trying to adopt them and they give you right advice and hold your hands to go through this journey. I am so glad I found them in Singapore, so I could find my life companion."
Jihee K.
"We visited many other pet shops and only felt comfortable with Pet Me Please because we believed they are serious about ethical breeding and the wellbeing of the dogs. We bought a cavapoo from the shop. I don't think any other shop provides as much details to a customer as they do before a purchase- we got DNA health records of my pups parents, puppy temperament testing, and weekly videos and photo updates from the breeder. Every aspect of their service is industry leading. I highly recommend the shop if u want puppies that are bred ethically, health checked and well socialised."
Eva T.
"We were looking for ethically responsible breeder and pet shop in Singapore.. We almost gave up until we knew about Pet Me Please. The shop is so cleaned and puppies weren’t in cages, they had lots of space to move around in the shop. We can’t be more happy to find not 1 but 2 double doodles pups at the same time. Yujia and Debbie were treating the dogs like their own and the breeder they chose is reputable ethically known in Europe. 👍🏼 A BIG Thank you Yujia and Debbie for all their time and effort for dealing with us, their generosity for helping us with our needs during our move and all. We will come visit you guys with Oskar and Mozart! Thank you again!"
Monica J.