Half Poodle and half Golden Retriever – Goldendoodles are cute dogs with charming personalities. Here you’ll learn everything you should know about keeping a Goldendoodle in Singapore! Why get a Goldendoodle pup? Goldendoodles with their hypoallergenic coats are the popular option for dog enthusiasts with allergies. Goldendoodles can sometimes have a curly coat like their […]


Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Pomeranian Puppy in Singapore! Looking For A Pomeranian Puppy For Sale in Singapore? Learn how to care for them, and avoid these common mistakes! Why Get A Pomeranian Puppy? Pomeranians have a very distinctive look: small, proud and very fluffy!  They are blessed with the cutest face, making […]

Our 10-Point Breeder Selection Process

Selecting an ethical, responsible breeder is THE most important step which you will have to take before deciding on the best puppy to purchase for your family. As a dog is for life, ensuring that your puppy comes from a breeder who pays lots of attention to the health and temperamentof the puppies which they breed […]