Mini Australian Shepherds from Germany

Mini Australian Shepherds

Say hello to our Mini Australian Shepherds from Germany! 

Our Mini Australian Shepherds come from the Show/Family line which are best suited for families.

This line of Aussies also known as the therapy line are primarily used as guide dogs for the blind and deaf, wheelchair companion dogs, in therapy for children, rescue work and family dogs.

They are fond of children and easy to train, making them excellent family pets! You’ll see soon enough how intelligent they are and how much they love interacting with humans! They are described as one of the smartest dogs in the world, are incredibly loyal and are bursting full with energy.

All our puppies grew up in an extremely loving home with family, children and the rest of their litter mates. They are confident little puppies who are very used to cuddles, kisses household noises, and are excellently socialized since birth.

All our parents are fully DNA tested and are negative for all genetic diseases that each breed can potentially carry.

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Mini Australian Shepherds

Meet our puppies!

  • Aurora
    Aurora (Reserved)

    Blue Merle Girl

  • Drax
    Drax (Reserved)

    Blue Merle Boy

  • Demi
    Demi (Reserved)

    Blue Merle Girl

  • Divine
    Divine (Reserved)

    Black Tri Boy