Coton de Tulears from Germany

Coton de Tulears

These cotton fluff balls are the absolute joy! They are known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar” and are a fairly newly recognized breed by the American Kennel Club. People describe them as happy-go-lucky, bright and remarkably gentle with white coats that are as soft as cotton, or as the French say ‘coton’.

If you are looking for a puppy that is hypoallergenic, good in apartment, gentle towards children, loves staying on your lap.. then scroll down!

Bred to be royalty lap dogs, Coton de Tulear puppies are extremely rare in Singapore and we are extremely honored to have the opportunity to welcome our precious babies from our esteemed Coton de Tulear breeder from Germany & Belgium!

All our puppies grew up in an extremely loving home with family, children and the rest of their litter mates. They are confident little puppies who are very used to cuddles, kisses household noises, and are excellently socialized since birth.

All our parents are fully DNA tested and are negative for all genetic diseases that each breed can potentially carry.

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We're over the moon to announce the birth of an adorable litter of Coton de Tulears!
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Coton de Tulear Puppies (Stella x Ravo)

Meet our puppies!

  • Zac
    Zac (Reserved)

    White Boy

  • Zoe
    Zoe (Reserved)

    White Girl

  • Zeus
    Zeus (Reserved)

    White Boy

Coton de Tulear Puppies

Meet our puppies!

  • Echo
    Echo (Available)

    White Boy

  • Emma
    Emma (Available)

    White Girl

  • Edina
    Edina (Available)

    White Girl


Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Coton de Tulear Puppy in Singapore

These cotton fluff balls are the absolute joy! They are known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar” and are a fairly newly recognized breed by the American Kennel Club. People describe them as happy-go-lucky, bright and remarkably gentle with white coats that are as soft as cotton, or as the French say ‘coton’.

Why Get A Coton De Tulear Puppy?

  • Bonds that owners form with their Coton De Tulear pup is even described in human terms! They possess a sympathetic awareness and charm that makes them happy companions

  • (Good for first-time owners). They are lovable, adaptable and thrive with first-time owners who are new to the world of puppies. With positive reinforcement, you can teach them many things!

  • One of the main characteristics of a Coton De Tulear is its soft, supple hair that resembles the hairs of a cotton puff. They have large round eyes under their luxurious coats that shows charm and intelligence.  Coton De Tulears are all around friendly and affectionate, they are known for being a sociable and happy breed. They basically love everyone, humans, other dogs and kids alike!  These small bundles of joy don’t require a lot of exercise, though they love their playtime. As companion dogs all they need is a walk a day and you’re set!

  • Do they shed? Good news for all you dog lovers that are worried about allergies, they are typically low shedding! Their fluffy coats are actually considered hair. Do take note that they may shed their puppy coat before their adult one grows in. These gentle pups make them easy to get along with. Their intelligence and clownish personality will prove them to be the perfect entertainer and companion for you and/or your family!

Is It A Good Idea To Bring Up A Coton De Tulear Puppy In Singapore?

Coton De Tulear adapts well to environments, especially when it comes to people around them.

Their small size and sweet temperaments makes them easy dogs to bring up in Singapore and their playful nature makes them perfect to bring out on daily parks to enjoy the greenery and parks in Singapore.

BONUS: They are also HDB approved!


You can tell a lot about a Coton De Tulear from its name, ‘Coton’ means ‘Cotton’ in French and it was named after ‘Tulear’, a seaport town in Madagascar. They were first known as lap dogs for Madagascar’s nobles as “The Royal Dog of Madagascar”. The French in their name was influenced by former colonial rule. People in the town of Tulear were jealous guardians of their fluffy companions and hence, Coton De Tulears were isolated from the rest of the world even though they have been bred for centuries.

There are tales that a shipment of little white dogs swam to safety to the shores of Tulear during a shipwreck off Madagascar. They survived in the wild as a pack and mated with local dogs to form the happy go lucky breed, Coton De Tulears. Cotons lived quietly in isolation on the island until French tourists found the breed and brought it to Europe. Selective breeding down the years resulted in the dog we know and see today.


Coton De Tulears are highly intelligent and can compete in agility, obedience and tracking competitions. Their smarts and desire to please will make them a joy to train at home!

Keep your training sessions lively, Coton De Tulears thrive in entertaining conditions, is it also good to socialize your Coton from a young age. Positive reinforcements will give you the best results, you’ll see them thrive in sport activities!

Being observant, patience and consistent are the three keys to making potty training easy for you and your pup. Begin to notice signs that your dog will give when he wants to do his business and immediately bring him to his designated potty area. If he does go correctly, praise him!

Keeping a consistent schedule of feeding and walking can help regulate when your pup needs to go. Puppies and dogs thrive on routines and it can make things easier for you during potty training too! Patience and consistency is key when training your pup. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t get it instantly, he may have accidents and that’s normal. With a little patience and positive reinforcement, you’ll get a well potty trained puppy soon enough.


As a cheerful and active breed a nutritional diet is vital in keeping your dog healthy, they require a well-balanced diet. Natural diets with minimal processed foods are good for your Coton in the long run. A Coton De Tulear’s nutritional needs are best met through traditional kibbles. There are proteins and carbohydrates that are also good for dogs, such as chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and carbohydrates.

Puppies need portions of food three times a day and as they grow older into adults they need meals twice a day.

It is important that you stick to the proportions recommended for your dog’s age and size. Coton De Tulears are known for piling on weight fast so be careful, never overfeed your pup! Obesity can escalate into a larger number of health problems.

How Should I Groom My Coton De Tulear

A Coton De Tulear’s incredible coat makes them very hard to miss. Their long fur will require quite an upkeep of brushing unless you decide to keep it short, so introduce the process of brushing fur early and make sure they are comfortable!

Because their long fur is prone to tangles and matts, you’ll need to brush them once or at least a few times a week. We recommend using a pin comb first to gently work matts out in sections before going in with a brush to smooth their fur out. Luscious coats means many adorable hairstyles to choose from when you do take your Coton to the groomers.

Take note of any signs that your pup is giving you that may indicate stress or discomfort and make adjustments accordingly! We hope these grooming tips were helpful in making your dog oh-so-cuddly. Happy grooming!

Showering & Brushing

Coton De Tulears should shower once a week or every two weeks. How you care for his coat will set the foundation for healthy fur and skin.

Before a bath, gently use your fingers and a slicker/pin brush to remove any tangles. It is important to thoroughly shampoo your dog’s coat and their skin to get them squeaky clean. Make sure to rinse all soapy residue to prevent itchy skin and get out your blow dryer! Dry them as much as you can with a towel before blow drying and check for any more tangles that you might have missed.

Bathing too much can be just as harmful as not keeping clean. Dogs need a certain level of natural oils in their skin and overbathing can cause dry and itchy skin or a greasy dog in Singapore’s humid climate. Some dogs enjoy baths while others don’t. Like every new experience, make it a positive one! Take time to build a positive relationship between your dog and a shower. Soon it’ll be something he’ll look forward to every week!

Nail Clipping

Unfortunately, nail clipping is not enjoyable for most dogs so pick a spot where your Coton is the most relaxed. We find that holding him in your lap as you trim your nails is the easiest way. Trimming should be done once a week.

Take your time, cut at an angle and watch out for the quick which is the blood supply that nourishes your pup’s nails, making sure you don’t clip beyond that. Consider taking breaks in between and reward your pup for being a good boy/girl!

Brushing Your Coton De Tulear’s Teeth

Brushing your Coton De Tulear’s teeth 2-3 times a week will prevent a build-up of tartar and keep bad breath at bay! A build-up of tartar can lead to gingivitis  (the early stages of periodontal gum disease).

This will cause rotting and the falling out of their teeth if not caught early. You can either use a toothbrush or finger brush to clean your Cavapoo’s teeth. It is important to get your vet to check their teeth and gums health regularly

Coton De Tulear’s Known Health Issues

Unethical breeding practices typically lead to unhealthy puppies, as unscrupulous breeders may knowingly breed dogs with health issues in order to produce more puppies for sales and maximize their profits.

Pet Me Please only works with ethical breeders who screen their dogs for 200+ known health issues before breeding them, ensuring you get a healthy puppy with no genetic disease.

Owners will understandably be upset to see their dog in pain or discomfort from a condition that their dog’s breeds are predisposed to. Oftentimes, owners wish that they had known about it sooner. The health issues listed below are some that Coton De Tulears are prone to, it doesn’t mean that your pup will get them, it just means that they are more at risk.

Hip Dysplasia: is a condition in which a dog’s joints grow instabile and lose (laxity) particularly in hip joints. Genetics is the biggest risk factor in dogs with hip dysplasia which can eventually lead to arthritis. This is where reliable genetic screening of parents is important in preventing hip dysplasia from developing in puppies.

Luxating Patella: is a condition known as slipping kneecaps that are common in smaller dog breeds like the Coton De Tulear. This condition can cause extreme pain as their knees are prone to dislocation. One of the simplest ways to avoid this is to make sure that your dog maintains a healthy weight, proper exercise and a vitamin rich diet.

Vons Willebrand’s Disease: is a blood disorder where a blood clotting protein called Von Willebrand is missing, affecting the blood’s clotting ability. Something small can lead to hard-to-stop bleeding and even become life threatening. VWD is a disease inherited from generations before and screening of parents is important in ensuring that puppies do not inherit this genetic disease.

There are many genetic diseases that Coton De Tulears or any dogs for that matter can inherit. It is important that proper health screening processes are put in place to ensure the health of every puppy that is brought into the world.

Sourcing your Coton De Tulear in Singapore from a reliable ethical breeder/pet shop is the first step to a healthy and happy life for you and your pup. Being an owner to a dog is a huge responsibility!

Here at Pet Me Please, we are dedicated to forming relationships with our puppies’ parents, doing our best to arm them with the knowledge and community so that they can care for their new pup confidently.