Pomeranians from Germany

Introduction To Our Pomeranians

Our Pomeranians come from a very outstanding lineage of champion show Pomeranians in Germany, and Russia. With excellent show structures, magnificent fur coats, outstanding temperaments and parents which were screened for breed-specific genetic diseases.

All our puppies are raised with Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, and are well-socialized in wonderful loving environments with children and other animals.

All of our Pomeranian puppies also go through basic potty and crate training in Germany prior to their arrival in Singapore.

*All Puppies Spoken For*

All our Pomeranian puppies from Germany have been fully spoken for.
Please join our waiting list on our website or drop us a WhatsApp message at 8878 4248 to be notified on our next available litter. 

Pomeranian Puppies (Sable Puppies)

Meet our puppies!

  • Knut
    Knut (Reserved)

    Orange Sable Boy

  • Niko
    Niko (Reserved)

    Cream Sable Boy

  • Nugget
    Nugget (Reserved)

    Beaver Boy

  • Royce
    Royce (Reserved)

    Orange Sable Boy

Pomeranian Puppies (White/Cream Puppies)

Meet our puppies!

  • Raphaël
    Raphaël (Reserved)

    White/Cream Boy

  • Percy
    Percy (Reserved)

    Light Orange/Cream Boy

  • Leyna
    Leyna (Reserved)

    White/Cream Girl

  • Periwinkle
    Periwinkle (Reserved)

    Light Orange/Cream Girl

Pomeranian Puppies (Sable Puppies)

Meet our puppies!

  • Pepita
    Pepita (Reserved)

    Sable Girl

  • Marietta
    Marietta (Reserved)

    Sable Girl

  • Rocky
    Rocky (Reserved)

    Sable Boy

  • Sockey Snoopy
    Sockey Snoopy (Available)

    Sable Boy with White Socks