Mini Labradoodles from Australia

Mini Labradoodles

We are so thrilled to introduce our Multi Generation Mini Labradoodles from Australia who coming to Singapore!

Labradoodles are known to be a friendly and intelligent dog. They typically love people, are extremely loyal, and have no problem showing affection. They enjoy being part of the family and love to participate in the activities of the day.

All our puppies grew up in an extremely loving home with family, children and the rest of their litter mates. They are confident little puppies who are very used to cuddles, kisses household noises, and are excellently socialized since birth. Both parents are incredibly loving, intelligent, playful family dogs. We know they will pass all of their positive traits on to their puppies.

All parents are fully DNA tested and are negative for all genetic diseases that each breed can potentially carry.

Multi Generation Mini Labradoodles

Meet our puppies!

  • Helda
    Helda (Reserved)

    Red with White Markings Girl

  • Hermione
    Hermione (Reserved)

    Red Girl

  • Hera
    Hera (Reserved)

    Red with White Chest Girl

  • Hyde
    Hyde (Reserved)

    Red with White Markings Boy