Mini Goldendoodles from Australia

Mini Goldendoodles

This mix of a Poodle and Golden Retriever makes one of the most beloved dogs we know today, a Goldendoodle! They are the ultimate combination of adorable, wit and charm. This hybrid is one of the newer “designer breeds” because of the lovable traits they inherit from each parent. 

All our puppies grew up in an extremely loving home with family, children and the rest of their litter mates. They are confident little puppies who are very used to cuddles, kisses household noises, and are excellently socialized since birth.

All our parents are fully DNA tested and are negative for all genetic diseases that each breed can potentially carry.

Multi-Generation Mini Goldendoodles (Lulu x Frankie Litter)

Meet our puppies!

  • Triton
    Triton (Reserved)

    Golden Boy

  • Bailey
    Bailey (Reserved)

    Red Girl

  • Zenith
    Zenith (Reserved)

    Golden Boy